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A Wii Bit of a Problem

This article made me smile.  Apparently some people are really getting into their new Wii games, and their remotes are flying and breaking things as a result.  Sweaty hands and people letting go of the remote are apparently the culprits.  One bowling game that requires you to move your arm like you are bowling is apparently causing problems because people actually let go of the remote as they would a real bowling ball.  Nintendo is apparently “looking into” wrist straps breaking.

Wrist straps?  I think they should look into wrist straps not being worn.  Seriously, I would have never worn it.  I would have looked at it and thought, “Well, that’s gay.” (Sorry, that’s how I talk.  Not PC, but that’s me.)    I’d, of course, be one of those people looking at the hole in my TV saying, “Oh.  So, that’s what the strap was for.”

Then again, this could just be an ingenious conspiracy by some men to get that HDTV their wife won’t let them buy.  “Gosh honey, I can’t believe I did that.  How silly of me.  The rock?  Oh, well, I held that in my hand with the remote to add weight.  I guess we should just go HD since they’re so cheap now.  Bummer.”


This is something I have playing around with lately.  It is called meebo.  It is an instant message program that connects to all the major networks (MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, and whatever else is out there).  The best part?  It all runs in your web browser.  It is pretty amazing as it works just like it is running on your desktop.

Windows Live Writer Impressions

After a little more time with Windows Live Writer today, I am liking it a lot less. For one thing, editting a post is a pain. I saw a typo in my post from last night and tired to use Live Writer to edit it. I fixed the change and posted it. Not only did it change the timestamp, but it put an earlier draft of the post out there that had even more typos. I still prefer a program I found called w.bloggar. It has its problems, but I’ve been able to edit post with ease. The biggest problem with the program is that the web site where it can be downloaded has been down for several days, so I don’t know what is going on with that. Live Writer is still in beta, so maybe it will improve over time. I also heard the next version of Word will have blogging tools built in.

Blogging Tools

Thought I would take some time to talk about a couple of programs I have found to make reading and writing blogs a little easier.

Sharpreader – Sharpreader is my RSS/Atom Aggregator of choice. It is a standalone Windows app, so I prefer it to and other such services. I used to use the RSS aggregator that is built into Mozilla Thunderbird, but I’ve grown to like using Sharpreader more.

w.bloggar – This handly little program is a Windows application that allows you to post to your blog. It supports WordPress, MSN Spaces, Blogger, and others. The web site has been down lately. It is freeware, so I am going to read the license agreement. If it allows me to resdistribute it, I will post it on my blog.