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Blog Ideas and Documentation

I cannot believe it is already Friday. I have been meaning to post stuff all week and haven’t got around to it. I seem to remember coming up with an idea for a post that would have been halarious, but can’t seem to remember what it was now. You ever been there? You think to yourself, “Oh! I’m gonna blog about that when I get home.” Then, when you get home, you either forget about what it was or don’t have time to do it. I’ve been having that problem a lot lately.

This was a fairly boring week at work. I’ve been writing documentation for a project I just finished. Documenting is never fun. For the most part, you write a bunch of statements that are, at best, childish sounding, and at worst, downright insulting. Stuff like, “To create a new item click the new item button,” or “Press delete to delete the item.” Occationally you might get to type stuff that doesn’t sound like an eleborate guide to the obvious, but rarely. Part of the problem is I am the programmer and I know how it works, so it is somewhat insulting for someone to suggest that I programmed something someone won’t know how to use. Also, I know the reality. Where I work I usually don’t have to handle support calls, but when I do, inevitably I ask the question, “Did you read the manual?” I believe the typical reply is, “What manual?” Not exactly what I would call a motivator, but there you have it. I get to sit around typing obvious statements into a Word document that no one will ever read.

Actually, it must have been a boring week all around because that documentation bit is the only thing I can think to talk about. How sad. I would tell you about what I am doing this weekend but it is a secret. That makes it sound special, but it really isn’t. I have this business idea for a web site that I have been meaning to get started on, and I have made it a priority to get some work done on it this Saturday. I don’t know if the idea will be as good as it seems to me at the moment. I’m sure the biggest pain will be getting the word out about the site once it is ready.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.