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A Wii Bit of a Problem

This article made me smile.  Apparently some people are really getting into their new Wii games, and their remotes are flying and breaking things as a result.  Sweaty hands and people letting go of the remote are apparently the culprits.  One bowling game that requires you to move your arm like you are bowling is apparently causing problems because people actually let go of the remote as they would a real bowling ball.  Nintendo is apparently “looking into” wrist straps breaking.

Wrist straps?  I think they should look into wrist straps not being worn.  Seriously, I would have never worn it.  I would have looked at it and thought, “Well, that’s gay.” (Sorry, that’s how I talk.  Not PC, but that’s me.)    I’d, of course, be one of those people looking at the hole in my TV saying, “Oh.  So, that’s what the strap was for.”

Then again, this could just be an ingenious conspiracy by some men to get that HDTV their wife won’t let them buy.  “Gosh honey, I can’t believe I did that.  How silly of me.  The rock?  Oh, well, I held that in my hand with the remote to add weight.  I guess we should just go HD since they’re so cheap now.  Bummer.”


So Long Sheriff

As you might have heard by now, Henry County, VA (where I live), got a lot of attention last week. Apparently there has been some serious corruption at our Sheriff’s department, including the Sheriff. The quick and dirty of what was going on is this: deputies were reselling the drugs and weapons they confiscated from criminals. Lovely, isn’t it? The Sheriff was involved in so far as that he knew stuff was going on, but didn’t do anything to stop it. He also knowingly took drug money as repayment for a loan. These things make him as guilty as anyone that actually sold the drugs or weapons, as far as I am concerned. Currently, our Sheriff’s office is being run by people brought in from other municipalities until the authorities are able to figure out how widespread the corruption was. The word on the street is that additional arrests are likely.

Henry County is a pretty small area, so when something like this happens it’s a pretty big deal. Not only because it is big news, but because there is a pretty high probability you will know someone involved when 12 people get arrested. I went to school with one fo the guys involved. The thing I remember about him is that he was a pretty good kid. He wasn’t one of people I would have considered him a trouble maker. Word has it that this guy is actually involved in one of the lesser charges and might even get his job back. I feel the most for the familes that didn’t know about the 800 pound gorilla their spouse or relative was hiding. This will ruin the lives of both guilty and innocent people.

So, after ranting about this for a while, I will end on a humorous note. With Henry County being as small as it is, I couldn’t help but think about the following:

The Sheriff’s office in Henry County was closed today.  The crime rate has dropped 5%.

A Rant About Daylight Savings Time

Another Daylight Savings Time (DST) has come and gone, and I can’t help but sit back and question whole concept. Most people know the idea of DST is to conserve electricity by adjusting our clock so that we have more hours of sunlight during our waking hours, but do you know why such an adjustment to our clock is necessary? If we need to adjust our clock to give us more hours of sunlight, then how did our ancestors live and work in the hours that we do without the convenience of electric lightening? The answer is pretty simple: they didn’t. Before electricity, people’s lives pretty much revolved around when the sun was in the sky. With the advent of electric lightening, society began to wake up and go to bed later. Generations before electric lighting would pretty much go to bed soon after the sun went down. While DST was created to conserve electricity, the reality is it simply offsets the change that took place in society as a result of electric lighting.

When I read about this recently, I found it fascinating. I couldn’t help but wonder why we don’t just pick a year to shift our clocks forward an hour and leave it that way. Recently a change was made so that DST now begins the second Sunday in March and ends the first Sunday in November. This means 34 weeks of daylight savings time as opposed to 30. The goal is, obviously, to have more afternoon sunlight. I guess that someone has decided that afternoon sunlight isn’t as important in the winter, since we end DST forcing people to drive home from work at 5PM in the dark. We should just accept the fact that society’s hours of operation have shifted, and therefore our clock should shift as well. I really can’t see the benefit we gain from switching our clocks back to normal time for 24 weeks in the winter. Since most people are at home during the evening, any potential energy savings are lost because it is dark when people get home from work. It appears we’ve just come to accept DST as it is and never question the logic.

Ain’t no shrimp like a Blue Ridge shrimp

I feel inspired to write a song. The mountins of our state (Virginia) are not known for producting great seafood, but that may be about to change. A place called Blue Ridge Aquaculture is being built right here in Martinsville in partnership with Virginia Tech. The goal? To raise better tasting, healthier shrimp.

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My Weekend and the Freaky Dude

It feels like yesterday I was typing about last weekend. Now another weekend has passed. This weekend was pretty uneventful. Saturday, I mowed the lawn. Not much else to say about that. Saturday evening we went out to eat Jennifer’s Uncle Jimmy and Grandma. Usually such an experience would result in a funny story or two, but on this occasion, the only weird thing that happened was that nothing weird happened. That’s not to say it was bad, it was actually quite enjoyable. We went to a seafood restaurant not far from here called Mayflower. I ordered broiled flounder and fired scallops, which were both great. Our waitress made a point to tell us it was only her second time “waitressing”, but she did a great job. I couldn’t help but wonder if she said that to get a larger tip, but I figured that was a bit paranoid and gave her the benefit of the doubt.

Sunday morning we slept in by mistake. I had to be at the church at 8:45 AM to practice my keyboard with our praise team and I got out of bed at 7:45 AM. I was in a huge rush and scarffed down my cereal in a hurry. As I was eating it, I thought something tasted funny, but it was a new cereal so I thought maybe that was it. That evening, I poured a glass of milk to drink with a pop tart. When I took a swig of the milk, I realized what the funny taste was. The milk had gone sour. Not curdled sour, but still pretty nasty. I poured that down the sink and got me a glass from the new gallon we hadn’t opened yet. I was actually surprised I still wanted milk after taking a gulp of the sour stuff.

Oh, and breaking news: the prosecutors dropped the charges against John Mark Karr. Honestly, I wonder if anyone actually still thought he did it? The guy is obviously a freak and needs to be locked up. My opinion is they should send him back to Thailand. I heard one guy suggest that he confessed to killing JonBenet just to get out of Thailand, and that makes sense to me. Oh, and did you hear? He got to feast on champagne and prawns on the way to the US (more here). Maybe they could serve him caviar and filet-mignon on the return flight. After all, there’s nothing I’d rather my tax dollars be used for then to make sure a freaky pedophile is well fed.