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Gift Card Thieves.

This is a foward I received and a little something to think about. I know I will be paying closer attention to this now.

Well, the crooks have found a way to rob you of your gift card balance. If you buy Gift Cards from a display rack that has various store cards you may become a victim of theft. Crooks are now jotting down the card numbers in the store and then wait a few days and call to see how much of a balance THEY have on the card. Once they find the card is “activated”, and then they go online and start shopping. You may want to purchase your card from a customer service person, where they do not have the Gift Cards viewable to the public.

Walmart Giftcards actually have a place that you have to scratch off to get you code to check the balance. So that may be something else to look for when buying a gift card. We have bought some online this year also and I would say that is also a safe bet.


Christmas Pictures

You may notice that Jennifer has uploaded our Christmas pictures to Flickr.  I particularly like the one of Grace reaching into the box.