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Little Abigail

Congratulations to Tim and Kristen on the birth of their new daughter, Abigail! She was born March 12, 2007 at 2:38PM. She was 7 lbs 3 oz and 20 and 3/4 inches long. This is their third child, so they are going to have a house full. Here are some pictures of our new niece.

Abigail Faith


The Proud Daddy


Third Night

The third night at home with Logan has come and gone. So far he is sleeping better than I am. Last night he only woke up at 2AM and 6AM. Unfortunately, I only slept an hour between those times. Part of the problem is he is a noisy baby. Not noisy in a fussy sense, but he makes some weird noises that my daughter did not. First, he occasionally snorts (or does something that sounds like a snort) when he is breathing. We ask the people at the hospital about this and they said it was normal. It occurs randomly, so it tends to startle someone who is trying to fall asleep. I am still getting used to it. Second, he squeaks. Apparently this is a family thing. My mom said I did the same thing. She said a woman heard me at the hospital and said I sounded like a mouse.

Noisy Logan wasn’t the only issue though. I got worked up because I had to go back to work today. Honestly, I was so stressed out last night about not getting enough sleep and being tired at work that I didn’t get enough sleep and will be tired at work. How’s that for irony? I remember the exhaustion we experienced with Grace. Our bed time was around 8:30 or 9:00 PM when our daughter was a newborn. You had to go to bed that early to assure you got a decent sleep between the feedings and changings. Even though my wife breast feeds (which makes me pretty useless come feeding time), I still wake up when the baby cries. With Grace I eventually got to a point where I would sleep through entire feedings, which isn’t a fact I am necessarily proud of, but it happened. I remember one morning I was excited because I thought Grace had slept through the night. Apparently the only person that slept through the night was me.

Hopefully this won’t make me sound horrible. I am a lucky man. Jennifer wants me to sleep because she knows I have to go to work the next morning, but I am not so sure this is the best way to handle things this time around. When Grace was our only kid, I knew Jennifer could just stay in bed and sleep while I got up and went to work, and she did. Grace slept fairly well as a newborn, so it worked. Having two kids makes this situation trickier. Grace is going to wake up between 7 and 8 AM no matter what Logan does the night before. We are going to have to get into a new rhythm this time around, because we need to make sure both of us are getting the rest we need. The trick will be finding the balance so that neither one of us is constantly exhausted.

Pictures of Logan

I’ve finally got around to posting some pictures of Logan. The last few days have been crazy, as you can imagine. The story of the birth will be forthcoming. I find typing up events like this helps me move the details into my long term memory. So it is likely to be long and sappy. For now, here are the pictures:

Logan is awake!Shhh…

Just so everyone knows, we are home now and both Jennifer and Logan are doing great. Grace is being sweeter then I could have ever imagined. She loves to rub Logan’s head and say, “Shhh…” It is so adorable. I have tears in my eyes every time she does it.

Logan is a great newborn so far. Last night he woke up about every two hours to eat (we’re breastfeeding), and went back to sleep as soon as he was done. We are very fortunate.

The fact that we have TWO children is just starting to sink in, and it is nowhere near as scary as I thought it would be. Mostly, it just feels me with joy.

Welcome to the world, Logan!

Hello everyone.  I am typing this message from a public computer in a library, because last night around 1:30 AM, my wife’s water broke.  Logan was born this morning at 4:34 AM, weighted 7 lbs 11.5 oz and was 19 1/4 in long.  Both mother and baby are doing great.  I’ll post pictures of the baby and more details when I have more time.  Just wanted to make this annoucement to the world.  MY SON IS HERE!!! 

Update On Jennifer

Last week Jennifer had a doctor’s appointment.  The doctor pretty much told her she didn’t have to stay on bed rest because he thought she would be fine.  When we quizzed the doctor, the conversation went something like this (NOTE: I may have made up a part of this):

“Can I pick up my daughter?”
“Can I do house work?”
“No, no housework.”
“Can I do a headstand and twirl plates on my toes?”
“Can you really do that?”
“Then, No.”

We decided that for the next few days we would let Jennifer watch Grace and see how it went, and so far everything has been going fine.  I did threaten to take pictures of the house when I leave in the mornings so I can compare them to what I see when I get home.

A Black Friday to Remember

Friday night we had a bit of a fright. My wife, Jennifer, is pregnant and the baby isn’t due for a few months yet; however, Friday night she started having contractions 5 minutes apart. From what she told me, it wasn’t the normal labor contractions, but apparently any contractions that occur regularly are cause for concern at her stage in the pregnancy. We called the hospital and they told us to come in. They gave my wife 3 shots to stop the contractions, ran some tests, and let us go Saturday morning. They also put her on bed rest, which means she can’t do anything but eat, go to the bathroom, and bathe. She has an appointment on Tuesday and we can only hope and pray she doesn’t have to be on bed rest after that, or life around her is going to get very complicated.


Yesterday was the baby appointment and we found out we are having a boy! It came as no surprise to Jennifer because she has been saying we’re having a boy all along. The main reason being that she hasn’t been as sick this time. Supposedly, woman are more sick with girls than boys. I doubt there is any scientific research to back that up, but that is what Jennifer has been told.

Honestly, I had gotten to a point where I was ready to skip finding out and be surprised. With Grace, I wanted to know. I also wanted a boy. Of course, once Grace was born, it didn’t matter and I love my daughter to death. I came to the realization a few weeks ago that this time was different and I could care less if we had a boy or girl. I mentioned the idea of being surprised to Jennifer and she was OK with it, but we decided to find out because we’ve been telling people we would for months. After the appointment, we went to TJ Maxx and bought the baby his first 2 outfits. I also bought some books for Gracie because she loves me reading to her.

Below are some pictures we were given of the ultrasound.