Birthday Bash

The in-laws are in town this week, and that has been keeping me from blogging.  I’m pretty exhausted seeing as I have been staying up later than usual playing games and chatting.  Last night was a big night because we went to a local seafood restaurant for my father-in-law’s birthday.  We had about 13 people there, as the extended relatives that live around here also came.  Since the restaurant was about 5 minutes from my work, I was the first to get there. Jennifer had called and made a reservation, so I simply told the hostess whom I was with and she took me to our tables.

The first thing I noticed was there wasn’t a highchair (can you tell I think like a daddy?).  There was a place one would fit, so I asked the waitress for a highchair.  “Was it 13 and a highchair or 13 with the highchair?”  I didn’t know, and more importantly, I didn’t see why it mattered.  There was a place to put the highchair.  “I’m not sure,” I replied. I assumed at this point the conversation would be over and she would just go get the highchair, but apparently it was important to this woman that she knew exactly how many people were coming.  I told her I would call my wife and find out.  Jennifer didn’t answer.  So I went to the hostess and said, “It was 13 and a highchair.”  I mean, seriously, what did it freakin’ matter?  There was a place for the highchair.  I sat myself on the end of the table where they put the highchair and awaited the arrival of the rest of our party.

After about 10 minutes, Jennifer’s uncle, aunt, and cousins showed up.  I waved them over to the table, and they seated themselves at the opposite end of the tables.  This put about 3-4 chairs between us, but in a noisy restaurant, it may as well been 50 yards. 

During dinner, Jennifer’s cousin made a decision that several of them would stop by our place so they could play games with my father-in-law. When we got to our house, total chaos broke out.  As soon as Jennifer’s uncle saw our computer, he was on me about doing something on my computer for him.  Meanwhile I was moving around the house to round up chairs so we could play games, because we aren’t getting the extra folding chairs we are using for Thanksgiving until today.  So Jennifer and her cousin’s wife agree to help the Uncle with his deal, but we needed the chair at the computer so the rest of us could play a game together; therefore, I run outside to find a deck chair that isn’t soaking wet so they have something to sit on at the computer (I know, very redneck of me).  As I come in from the cold, cold rain, I put the chair in the hallway for a moment to shut the door behind me.  Grace immediately runs to me, climbs up in the chair and plops down.  I grab her and get her out of the hallway and then take the chair to our computer, at which point my cell phone starts ringing.  I ran back to our bedroom to answer it and it was my brother.  I probably sounded pretty ticked off.  I very quickly told him I would talk to him later because he was just returning a call to answer a question I had ask him earlier.


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