So Long Sheriff

As you might have heard by now, Henry County, VA (where I live), got a lot of attention last week. Apparently there has been some serious corruption at our Sheriff’s department, including the Sheriff. The quick and dirty of what was going on is this: deputies were reselling the drugs and weapons they confiscated from criminals. Lovely, isn’t it? The Sheriff was involved in so far as that he knew stuff was going on, but didn’t do anything to stop it. He also knowingly took drug money as repayment for a loan. These things make him as guilty as anyone that actually sold the drugs or weapons, as far as I am concerned. Currently, our Sheriff’s office is being run by people brought in from other municipalities until the authorities are able to figure out how widespread the corruption was. The word on the street is that additional arrests are likely.

Henry County is a pretty small area, so when something like this happens it’s a pretty big deal. Not only because it is big news, but because there is a pretty high probability you will know someone involved when 12 people get arrested. I went to school with one fo the guys involved. The thing I remember about him is that he was a pretty good kid. He wasn’t one of people I would have considered him a trouble maker. Word has it that this guy is actually involved in one of the lesser charges and might even get his job back. I feel the most for the familes that didn’t know about the 800 pound gorilla their spouse or relative was hiding. This will ruin the lives of both guilty and innocent people.

So, after ranting about this for a while, I will end on a humorous note. With Henry County being as small as it is, I couldn’t help but think about the following:

The Sheriff’s office in Henry County was closed today.  The crime rate has dropped 5%.


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  1. Donna on

    HaHaHaHa! That was funny! What can I say? It struck my funny bone.

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