Grace and the Goldfish

Well, I haven’t had much time to blog lately, but I thought I’d tell a quick story.  After Grace’s bath tonight, I put her in her booster seat for a snack like we always do.  At first, she wanted grapes.  I gave her four of them.  She sat there and played with them for a while, so I picked one up, bit it in half and made yummy noises.  She immediately reached for the grape I had bitten in half.  When I gave it to her she put it in her mouth and smiled really big.  She then lifted up another grape to my mouth.  I bit that one in half and handed it to her.  She stuffed that one in her mouth as well.  Now, these were not small grapes.  Her little cheeks are popping out at this point because she had both grapes in her mouth.  She preceded to hand me another grape and I explained to her she had to swallow what she had.  She didn’t seem to like that, but I took the rest of the grapes away and she didn’t have much of a choice.

After getting down the two grapes, she started pointing at the counter.  I couldn’t figure out what she was saying.  She has a few things she can say really well now.  “Duck” is one of them.  It is funny because it starts out with a “Duh” and the end sounds like she is trying to cough up phlegm.  By the way, thanks Google for telling me the correct spelling of phlegm.  I entered “flem” and it made the suggestion.  Amazing.

On with my story…

I eventually figured out that she was pointing to the thing that we usually put her Goldfish crackers in.  I filled it with some crackers and handed it to her.  After she ate a few crackers, I decided to take the container away.  She burst into tears.  I mean genuinely upset with tears.  Heart broken.  I don’t usually fall for this, but maybe because she has a cold or because I am not feeling great myself, I gave in tonight and gave the container back.  She proceeded to pour out the Goldfish onto her tray.  She then put them back into the container by the handfuls, dumped the container out again, and filled it again.  I think she did it 20 times or so.  I watched her about 10 of those trying to figure out what was going through her precious little mind.  It was adorable to watch because she was concentrating so hard on what she was doing.

Anyway, after that her and I sat down and watched an episode of Jojo’s circus before I put her to bed.  It was a fun evening.


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