Rushed by Gracie

Our Saturday morning started with my 19 month old daughter rushing us out the door. Jennifer made the mistake of telling Grace that we were going to go “bye bye” after breakfast. So, Jennifer fed Grace breakfast and then proceeded to make some pancakes for the two of us. In case you were wondering why she didn’t eat pancakes with us, Grace was ready to eat when she woke up, so Jennifer made sure she was taken care of first. Besides, Grace is a creature of habit. She really likes to know what’s coming and really doesn’t like when things change. As a result, she eats cereal pretty much every morning and this morning was no different.

After Grace was taken out of her high chair, she ran back to her bedroom and asked for her diaper to be changed. After that was done, she started grabbing some clothes that were on the bed for Jennifer to put on her. After Jennifer put on the clothes, she said, “Shoes, shoes!” to indicate she was ready to have her shoes on. So, Jennifer obliged and Gracie was pretty much ready to go. Grace then grabbed her blanket and juice and tried to walk out the front door on her own. Jennifer informed her that she couldn’t leave without mommy and daddy. Grace ran and got Jennifer’s shoes and took them to her. As a result, Jennifer went into the bedroom, finished getting ready, came back out and put on her shoes. Then Grace went and got my shoes. I had been reading a book in the bedroom and came out when Jennifer told me the pancakes were ready. Yes, somehow through all this, Jennifer managed to get around to making the pancakes. As I was sitting down to eat, Grace brought my shoes to me. I told her I was till in my pajamas and I needed to get dressed first. I stood up (without eating) and went back into the bedroom to get dressed. I closed the door, and Grace stood there for about 5 minutes knocking on the door and waiting for me, clinging onto my shoes the entire time. About the time I was finished and was getting ready to walk out, Grace started to fuss because I was apparently taking too long.

It sounds like we were letting her run the show, but really we were just letting her feel that way because after we were both ready, we sit down and ate our pancakes, much to Gracie’s distain. The whole episode was quite adorable, and I’m not sure the entry captures it, but it will be a one of those fond memories of Gracie we will laugh about for years to come.


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  1. DeWitte on

    She sounds a little like the Jennifer that used to work here. Nathan is the exact opposite – he must take after me. “Let’s go” is always greeted by “In a minute” which is really like five minutes. I’ve seen maple syrup move faster than him. I suppose we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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