Alien bug has landed in German countryside!!!

It appears that a giant alien bug has landed in the German countryside. Google has captured this image from its space station circling the earth. Sources estimate that the bug is approximately 50 meters long (about 164 feet). Dr. Evil said that though he is impressed with the bug’s size, “There isn’t a freckin laser on its head. You can’t use a freckin giant bug without a freckin laser on its head.”

(OK, OK – This appears to be a scan gone horribly awry…at least for the bug. The dark mass behind it is its poop. Nice.)


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  1. Steve Walsh on

    I’m scared! Where can these kind of bugs hide so well and then just pop out like that to terrorize everyone? They probably live under that crazy miniature landscape in China someone also found using Google Earth. It’s a scale model of a place China has occupied from India since 1962. It’s huge, like 800 * 1000 yards (several soccer fields together). I can’t figure out what else it could be used for; it shows all the mountains, streams, hills from that area. Look at

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