Vacation Memories – Part 1

We’re back from vacation! This will be a two-part post, because I am tired and want to go to bed.

As you can see from the previous post, we went to Myrtle Beach, SC. For those of you that have never been, it is an extremely commercialized area. We’re talking Las Vegas on the beach (minus the casinos). It really isn’t my cup of tea when it comes to beaches, as I generally like the less commercialized, laid back places. Fortunately, going this time of year makes the trip a lot more pleasant. The beach and other attractions aren’t as busy. We never really had to wait for anything. As I mentioned before, we stayed at my uncle’s place at Ocean Lakes. It was very nice and we would not have been able to take this vacation without his generosity.

First Day, we woke up and wanted to get some breakfast. I suggested Cracker Barrel because I thought I had seen one close by when I looked over the area we were staying on Google Earth. We got ready and left for breakfast around 9AM or so. I headed north, thinking that was the direction of Cracker Barrel, which turned out to be a mistake. After 20 minutes or so, Jennifer began to taunt me and told me she didn’t think that the Cracker Barrel even existed. The main road down there is absolutely littered with local pancake houses, so we probably passed 20 of those and 2 Shoney’s before we finally reached a Cracker Barrel. I think it wound up being a 40-minute drive. When the sign came into view, Jennifer tried to convince me it was mirage. Turns out I’m not the only dork in this family. We spent the rest of the day shopping. We went to an outlet mall and then went and bought the groceries we needed for the rest of our stay. We got home in the late afternoon and took it easy the rest of the day because Grace needed the rest (we did too). So, day one went by without us going to the beach. Not that it was a bad day, but the beach didn’t make it onto the itinerary.

On day two we made a commitment to go to the beach. We woke up and I made us breakfast. We got ready to go to the beach and hopped in the good ole SUV. First, we ran out to a surf shop to see if we could get Grace some sand toys and to pick up a beach umbrella. We also thought we’d grab Grace a bathing suit if they had one. The first place we went to had the toys. They had swimming trunks for baby boys, but nothing for girls. I decided to forgo buying the umbrella, paid for the toys and left. Next-door was another place with a sign saying “Discount Swimwear” or something to that effect. I thought they would surely have swimming suits for baby girls. I walked in the store and it looked exactly like the place I had just left. They had the exact same thing as before and carried only baby boy stuff. Turns out people are sexists in Myrtle Beach. I did pick up a beach umbrella, but the stake for the bottom was missing. The clerk said he would run to the back and get one. I perused the store and looked at the tee shirts and such while the guy went to find the rest of the umbrella. Minutes went buy and it eventually became apparent the clerk was no longer in the store. I was the only person in the building. There was a post that didn’t match the umbrella I had picked out sitting on the front counter, but the clerk was missing and nowhere to be found. I picked up the umbrella and post and ran out the store, along with $300 from the register. OK, OK. That didn’t happen, but it easily could have. The goof left me in the store by myself! I went outside and got in the car to leave when he ran up (apparently returning from the store I had bought the toys from) with several umbrellas in hand. Unfortunately, I decided to go back inside and finish the purchasing the umbrella. The guy said something like, “Did you think I would just forget you?” I should have took a cue from George Allen and said something racially insensitive like, “No, but I want to get to the beach today, Habeeb.” Of course, knowing my luck, Habeeb would turn out to mean “useless, crack addicted sloth” in his native tongue (He was Indian or something).  I paid for the umbrella and left.

I’ll discuss the rest of the week tomorrow and tell you about Grace’s reaction to the beach, and why buying that stupid umbrella was a mistake. Meanwhile, your homework is to look up what “Habeeb” means.


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  1. Aaron on

    haha check this Habeeb

    2. habeeb 79 up, 62 down

    An Indian or Arab man who owns a 7-11.

    Hey, let’s steal some slushies from that habeeb’s store

    but no wait it gets even BETTER!

    3. habeeb 39 up, 33 down

    Habeeb or habib in Arabic means lover in the masculine tense. Habibi would mean “my lover”

    Girl: “Come here, habeeb”
    translation:”Come here, love”

    oh my, that would be so great of an add-in to your story!

    oh and one more

    5. habeeb 21 up, 81 down

    A man that would not be found in Connecticut.

    Tyler’s little sister: “i saw a habeeb walking across the street 7 blocks up so i ran.”

    what does that have to do with anything!!!

    so many questions, so little time.


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