The Weekend

Wow, hard to believe it has been almost a week since my last post. We are in the process of getting ready to go to the beach. We are leaving tomorrow night and will be gone through Sunday. I doubt I will be posting to my blog during this time. I want to avoid computers while I am on this vacation. I thought it would be nice to do a quick post to sort of catch everyone up on the latest happenings. This will be long and there is so much to cover I couldn’t think of a clever title.

Friday night my brothers, Aaron and Joel, came over. We played a game of Catan and then watched the new version of the Shaggy Dog with Tim Allen. It was a good movie and I seem to remember laughing a lot. It put a bit of a sci-fi spin on the original story, which is likely to turn some folks off, but I thought it worked well. Without giving too much a way, I really think they left the movie open for a sequel. I don’t remember how this movie did at the box office, so I guess if it tanked there won’t be a sequel. Actually, I think the movie’s budget must have been pretty low. There was a pretty neat scene with Tim Allen’s tongue, but other then that, I was sort of amazed at what I didn’t see. There was only one scene where you really witness the transformation. The remaining scenes where it occurs were shot so it hides the actual transformation. This sort of surprised me for a movie made in 2006. I didn’t watch it for the effects and would recommend the movie, this was just an observation I made. The filmmakers would probably choke me. The movie is probably chocked full of special affects that I missed and just took for granted.

Saturday we went to see my grandmother and had a good time hanging out and talking with her. She wound up ordering in Mexican and paying for our dinner, so that was a pleasant surprise. On the way home from my grandmother’s we stopped by McDonald’s to get some sundaes. Grace sat at the end of the table turning her head left and right alternating between Jennifer’s sundae and mine as we fed them to her. Of course, I always eat mine faster so I got to eat more of my ice cream. I guess its one of the few benefits to inhaling your food.

Sunday was a big day at our church as we had our Mission Celebration. Terry Hammack, a missionary from our church, was the guest speaker. He’s always a great speaker, but the best parts are always the stories he has. It is pretty enthralling. As you can imagine, Nigeria is not one of the safest places to be missionary, and I can’t imagine living day to day in the situations he does. What’s more amazing is that he and his wife are really hoping to go to the northern part of the country to an area that is 90% Muslim to minister to people there. As you might know, Muslims don’t take to kindly to Christian missionaries, but these two really feel it is where God wants their ministry to be. They’re two incredible people that face things on a regular basis that we can’t even imagine here.

Afterwards was a potluck dinner and Grace was a ball of energy. I got to eat, but barely had time to finish before I had to start chasing her back and forth through the halls of the church. We couldn’t get the girl to sit still for a second! She may have been the most hyper I have seen her. Making matters worse was the crowd. Grace was running and jiving through the legs of people and I had to wait for them to move out of the way. Fortunately, every time she got away from me, someone managed to slow her down and gave me enough time to catch up. The problem was if she got out into the main part of the church building without my supervision, there were only about 10,000 places she could run to and hide. Of course, she only seemed to be interested in running to the nursery, which she knows is full of toys, so it was easy enough to keep track of her.

Tonight we went over to my uncle’s house to pick up the keys and papers we will need to get to his place down at Ocean Lakes at Myrtle Beach. Grace was so shy at first, but the next thing I know she is running around their kitchen and being the ham she usually is. The girl would make the Energizer Bunny cry for mercy. She jumped up and down, ran around, crawled through legs and under tables, picked up copper statues, opened up cabinets, opened and closed doors, and babbled on and on the whole time we were there. I looked like the Coyote chasing the Road Runner most of the time.

Hope it doesn’t sound like I am complaining. Honestly, following her around is often hilarious because the things she does are priceless. Also, following her around has taught me a thing or two. For starters, she usually won’t go where it is dark. I say usually because she proved that the equation is much more complicated than I suspected the other night at my parents. My mom and dad have two entries into their kitchen (well, actually, four, but two of them are irrelevant to the story). One entry from the foyer and one from the dining room. The foyer, living room and dining room are all connected. So, what this means for Gracie is she has an excellent place to run laps. She runs through the foyer, the living room, the dinning room, into the kitchen, and finally back into the foyer. She then repeats this a mind numbing number of times. Oh yeah, and she yells incoherent things the whole time. So, I get the bright idea that if I turn off all the lights in the living room, foyer, and dining room, she’ll stop running her laps. I was wrong. She must have thought daddy was playing a game with her. After squealing for a few minutes and jumping up with absolute glee at the site of the darkened room, she started running again. Only now she ran through the darkened areas more quickly. So much for that idea.

This entry has been pretty long, but it will probably be my last post for at least a week. I’m sure I’ll have a lot to talk about when we get back.


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  1. DeWitte on

    I never knew you could order in Mexican. Probably a good thing for us that we don’t know…

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