Mutant Muscle Mice and the Sheep Master

The weekend is here, and I guess I have a moment to sit down and type up a blog entry. I mentioned in a previous post that our mouse problem was back. We had switched to glue traps and, as it turns out, those didn’t work either. Jennifer went out on Thursday and bought some more expensive traps. These things are big and round and look like a large hockey puck. You twist the top part until it snaps in place and there is a little space for the mouse to walk in. There is an indicator on top to tell you if it is armed, went off accidentally, or if a mouse has been caught. You put bait under the trap and when the mouse goes in, the top twists shut and does something to the mouse to kill it. The big selling point is that you don’t have to see the mouse. Well, we armed two of these things on Thursday night and went to bed figuring they would both be empty the next morning. Friday morning, I opened the door to look under our sink and the trap had gone off. The indicator on top was set to “mouse caught”. This wasn’t good enough for me, after all, these ninja mice had already escaped wooden traps and glue trays. I thought maybe they had pulled some Mission Impossible stunt and got in and out before the trap shut. I needed to know the mouse was in it. So, I picked up the trap and shook it a little. I didn’t seem like anything was in it. I decide to peak in. As I turned it up on its side to twist it open, liquid poured out on my hand. I keep telling my self it was the oil from the peanut butter. I slowly turned the top around until I could see in the trap. It was dark and I couldn’t see a thing. The next minute was spent walking around the house tilting the thing from side to side to try and get a peak of what was inside. Finally, I found a place where I could see inside the trap. I saw the tail of something, and that was pretty much all I needed to know. We had finally caught the crafty devil.

Makes me wonder if they’ve ever made a horror movie about mice invading a village (DeWitte? What say you? I bet you can quote at least one line from memory if they have.) Here the pitch:

Dr. Wilson is a geneticist experimenting on mice for some ultra steroid that is going to be used by the military to create super soldiers. Of course, he is injecting the stuff in mice to test his little serum. Little does he realize the mental impact the serum is having on the mice’s brain functions until it is too late. The mice chew through the wires of their cage and attack the professor! As the professor dies, he hits the emergency fail safe button sealing the mice into his lab for all eternity, or so he thought. Two teens who are madly in love stumble upon the hatch. One’s a jock and the other is a ditsy blond. The guy finds the door to the lab gets in against the warnings of the girl. Mice pour out and they both die in a gruesome scene. In the end, all humanity will be saved by a woman that used to have a phobia of mice but overcomes it to save her child (or family) from the mutant muscle mice.

We’ve also had a bit of an eBay drama going on this week. Back on August 25th, Jennifer bid and won on this heart monitor that lets you listen to the baby’s heartbeat. She got a really good price on it, but it was beginning to look like the person wasn’t going to mail it. Jennifer actually started the process of getting our money back on Thursday, and I guess that woke someone up. We finally heard from the person yesterday that they were mailing the monitor to us. So, we’ll see what happens when it gets here. Hopefully it will work. I heard someone say onetime that you should never spend more on eBay then you are willing to lose, and that is probably a good rule to go by. Of course, I know people that swear by eBay and buy from it all the time without any problems, so they’d probably disagree. I guess if you know what you are doing and know how to spot a possible scam, you won’t have many problems. For me, spyware and computer viruses are that way. I find it hard to see how so many computers get initiated with spyware and computer viruses. I run Windows, surf the Internet all the time, download and install software, and for the most part, I never have any problems.

Finally, I leave you with this. I don’t know why I found this funny, but we were talking about the wild animals in New Zealand (or lack thereof) the other night, and Jennifer brought up sheep. She said they couldn’t be wild because they needed “sheep masters”. Wow. That must be the politically correct term for shepherds now. It sounds much more ominous. Almost like a title some legendary warrior would have. Conan the Sheep Master. Anyway, it gave me a good laugh, but I am also a geek.


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  1. Donna on

    Matt – You lost me on the oozing mouse goo. I couldn’t take it anymore. You’re a bigger person than me cuz I would’ve FLIPPED OUT!! And I’m not even a big ninnie or anything. But you painted such a vivid picture. Thaaaannkss!

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