Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my mom’s birthday. She’s turning 53 today. Being the mother of 4 boys, I suppose it’s a miracle she’s still as sane as she is. For 20 years, she had to endure being the only woman in our family. That’s probably the reason the pets we had as children were always female. I guess mom thought the last thing she needed around the house was another male. There were times when she threatened to move to China, but that never happened.

Mom has never demanded a lot of attention.  Even her birthdays seemed to be rushed or pushed aside altogether.  She’s always been more concerned with helping meet the needs of those around her. Until I got married, it was my mom that was always stepped in when the events of life took a turn for the worse and I needed support or encouragement. I suppose that’s why one of my first inclinations is to call mom when something isn’t going well. She may not always have an answer, but she always has time to listen.

I thank God that I was born to a mother that has always given so much of herself, has sacrificed so much of her time and has always been focused on helping meet the needs of her family. If I’ve never said thank you, I am doing so today. Thanks, Mom, and happy birthday.


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