Colds, infections, and hurricanes…..OH MY!

Blah. That’s how I feel right now. I haven’t been feeling good the past couple of days. I picked up a cold that is going around my family. I came home early from work today so I could get some rest. Grace is sick too. Jennifer took her to the doctor this afternoon because she…um…didn’t like peeing. Let’s leave it at that. Anyway, the doctor told Jennifer that Grace has a yeast infection and a double ear infection. Worst part is the antibiotic to cure the ear infection can cause yeast infections. Did I mention it is great being a man? Poor girl! We were surprised she wasn’t acting more upset. The doctor ask if we had noticed her doing anything to hint that she had an ear infection. She was fussier, but other then that, there was no sign that she had an ear infection. Usually she tugs on her ears when they hurt, but not this time. My mother-in-law’s theory is that Grace has a high pain tolerance, and I buy that, but I don’t know where she got it. Jennifer and I are a couple of pansies when it comes to pain.

The mouse problem is back. We think it could be the babies of the first mouse. We set out traps the last two nights and Jennifer found a mouse turd on one of the traps this morning and the peanut butter was gone. It was like the mice were saying, “Nice try, sucka!” Jennifer went and got one of the flypaper type traps and we are going to try that. It also works for scorpions. I’ll sleep better tonight knowing we’ll be protected from the elusive Blue Ridge Scorpions.

Is everyone freaking out about the hurricane yet? Wait….it’s just a tropical storm? I don’t want to make light of this, but come on! This is a glorified thunderstorm and they are declaring a state of emergency. My neighbor sneezed this morning and they sent the National Guard in. Anyone else think everyone is just a little edge since Katrina? I guess the government’s idea of being more “prepared” is to maintain a state of constant panic whenever anything with a good breeze makes its way toward shore. Of course, the net result will ultimately be something like the boy who cried wolf, except, in this case, it will be, “The Government That Cried, ‘YOU’RE ALL GONNA DIE!'” That is just my uninformed and unprofessional opinion. Comment and tell me why I am wrong. I need to practice deleting comments anyway.



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  1. Donna on

    Delete my comment and ‘YOU’RE ALL GONNA DIE!’ Just kiddin’.
    But I totally know what you’re talking about. Yesterday, we had a lot of rain and it got kind of windy and as you know, it ALWAYS floods in downtown Norfolk, so it all ended up being nothing but a “glorified thunderstorm”, as you so well put it.
    My mom said that two of our three local TV stations broadcasted news on the storm ALL day long. I mean, how often can they say, “Wow, it’s really raining out there!” Talk about over-kill.
    Oh and sorry about Gracie. She MUST have a high pain tolerance not to complain about an ear infection AND a yeast infection at the same time. I had one of those yeast infections once and it was caused by too many antibiotics and it was the GROSSEST thing EVER! Poor Gracie!

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