The Balloon

On Friday, Jennifer and I decided to make steak sandwiches. We had hoagies and grilled onions but were missing mushrooms. When I got home, Jennifer asked me to go out and get some mushrooms. Often when I get home and have to run back out, I’ll take Gracie along with me. I haven’t seen her all day and Jennifer could always use the break, so it is a win, win situation. Besides, many times if I walk in and then leave again Gracie wants to go with me. What can I say? She loves her daddy.

We went to Food Lion, which is our local grocery store. As we were checking out, there was this woman behind the counter blowing up some balloons for another customer. Grace saw the balloons and started reaching for them. The employee looked at me and ask if Grace could have one. I was fine with it, so she gave Grace this yellow balloon with the Food Lion logo. Immediately Grace put it in her mouth and tried to bite it. I told her to stop and warned her it would pop. She looked at me with a blank stare, probably because she got the “no” part, but the rest was completely incomprehensible to her. I’ve always wondered why kid’s brains default to putting things in their mouth. Any time you give a kid something new, they immediately assume it must go in their mouth. Other than Mike Rowe (host of Dirty Jobs that will eat ANYTHING), I think most people grow out of this phase. After two or three more times of putting it in her mouth followed by my reprimanding her, she finally figured out it didn’t go in her mouth. She then began to swing it around hitting stuff with it. Much better. After all, that is my favorite thing to do with balloons too.

When we got home, she finally decided to let go of the balloon for the first time and it went up to the ceiling where she couldn’t reach it. This didn’t go over well. We heard Grace scream and look over to find her staring up at the balloon with her arms extended as far as they could go. It was adorable, funny, and sad all at the same time. I got the balloon and handed it back to her. She, of course, immediately lets go of it again to see if it happens a second time. Knowing chasing the balloon all night would get old, I decided to tie one of her toys to the balloon to keep it from going up to the ceiling. Apparently Grace didn’t appreciate my genius idea, because she was even more annoyed by the toy being tied to the string. She eventually learned to hold onto the balloon and we only had to get it for her a few times.

The next day when Grace woke up, the balloon was lying on the ground, as cheap balloons will do after a few hours. She was obviously confused by the fact it was on the ground and lifted it into the air and let go. It fell back down to the ground. This new twist didn’t seem to bother her too much. I think she liked it better because it couldn’t get away from her. The balloon pretty much replaced her blanket as her favorite thing in the world this weekend. She ran around the house, clutching that balloon in her hand. So, here is a picture of Grace and her new friend.

Grace and the balloon


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  1. Donna on

    Absolutely precious!!!

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