Mr. Johnson and grits

Today Jennifer is going to Roanoke to have another baby appointment. The one today isn’t very exciting. They will put some sort of monitor to her belly, listen to the heartbeat, and then she will leave. That’s pretty much it. Next month’s appointment is the one we are excited about. That is when we will find out whether we are having a boy or a girl.

My grandmother is among those who think that finding out the sex of the baby “takes away” from the experience, but I really have a hard time seeing that. Most people don’t get to find out the sex of the baby until they are 4 months pregnant or so. There is still a surprise of whether it is a boy or a girl, it just comes 5 months earlier than it use to. Also, people may not realize there is no guarantee they will be able to tell the sex of the baby, as my bother-in-law and his wife recently found out. They were told by the doctor that they “thought” it was a girl, but couldn’t tell for certain. Probably as a result of the doctor’s uncertainty, they recently decided to have a 3D ultrasound done, and the results of that proved it was, in fact, a girl. They were surprised! It just so happens that they were surprised before they were holding the baby in their arms. People who wait get the surprise when the see the baby, and so do those who don’t wait. They just use technology to get a sneak preview. I am not against waiting and being surprised, but I do get annoyed when people that make “being surprised” into something more than what it is.  I think it is a personal choice. Nothing more, nothing less.

While we are on the topic of determining the sex of a baby, it is interesting to me that with all the advances in medicine, we still rely on such an archaic way of determining whether a child is a boy or girl. There’s no test to run or blood to draw, they simply look to see if Mr. Johnson is present or not. That’s it. I find it somewhat amusing.

Tonight I get to make dinner because Jennifer’s appointment isn’t until 3:15 or so. As a result, I will beat her home. Since I am not the best cook and don’t know how to make much, Jennifer told me to make breakfast food. So, we are having eggs, bacon, biscuits and grits for dinner. Trust me, I don’t mind. We love eating breakfast for dinner. I am a little nervous about making the grits though. These aren’t the instant variety. We eat old-fashioned, stone ground grits almost exclusively. They take a little more time to prepare, but once you try them, you will never go back. When Jennifer makes them, they turn out so good. I’ll be disappointed if I ruin them. Next time you’re at your local grocer, you should look into getting REAL grits, even if you don’t normally like instant grits. You might be surprised.


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