The Weekend

What a weekend. On Saturday morning we went grocery shopping. That is always a great deal of fun. We do it together because Jennifer says it is much easier to shop with Grace when someone else is with her. I can see that. Grace can be high maintenance. She kept turning around and grabbing stuff in the buggy and either tried to open whatever is was she grabbed or tried to throw it on the floor. I don’t know if she enjoyed seeing it hit the floor, or thought it was funny to watch me fling myself at the item in an attempt catch it like it was a priceless antique vase. While we were checking out, I just about hit the floor when I heard two loud bangs. Grace and Jennifer were in the bathroom, so there was no one around worth throwing myself in front of. People everywhere were startled by the sounds and everyone was trying to see where they came from. In the front of the store, this guy was walking by with a bundle of balloons and two had clearly popped. He looked like he thought it was hilarious.

On Saturday evening, we had been invited to hang out with my brother, Tim, and his family, my other brothers, Aaron and Joel, and my old friend, Bill, and his fiance. I’ve known Bill for around 10 years. When we first met him he was a really quiet guy. I think Tim credits himself with getting Bill to open up. Over the years, Bill and I have grown to be closer friends because I went to school to do programming and he went to do network administration. He calls me when he has a question about software, and I call him when I have a question about hardware. Its fun to talk to him because he actually cares about geek stuff. When I try to talk to Jennifer or my brothers about tech stuff, their eyes glaze over or they change the subject as fast as they can. Not Bill. When I am excited and ramble off the specs of the new server at work, he’s actually interested and gets why I am excited.

Anyway, back to the story. We wound up going bowling. I don’t think I’ve been bowling since Jennifer and I got married, so it has been at least 6 years. I got my bowling shoes and walked up to the lanes we were going to use. They had some sort of computerized scoring system that automatically kept track of how many pins you knocked down. It looked like it was written in DOS, so it took us a while to figure out how to get the names in and get the game started. For whatever reason, I got the honor of going first. I stepped up, did the whole bowling motion thing, and released the ball. Gutter. No problem. After all, it had been over 6 years. I’m entitled to a gutter ball. Next try, same thing. A big, fat 0 for me. Everyone else goes and hits at least a few pins. That made me feel REALLY good about how I was doing. My second turn comes around. “Now I am warmed up,” I thought to myself. First bowl: gutter. Second bowl: gutter. Now it was getting embarrassing. Of course, Jennifer is loving it and starts mocking me and giggling with glee. She loves to see me lose at stuff. Believe it or not, she talks trash. It it is the kind of trash talk that cartoon birds and squirrels would have if they met in the woods to play tag, but it is still trash talk. Fortunately, my game got better from their as my brothers proceeded to teach me how to bowl. I would have been annoyed, but it was obvious I had forgotten. I stunk up the first game, but wound up beating Jennifer in the second, which is all that mattered. I had to beat that trash talking, granny bowling wench (love you honey!). I also beat my youngest bother, Joel, but that would have been more rewarding if he had been more interested in hitting pins than perfecting his new bowling style.

After the bowling we went to my mom and dad’s house to eat and then played a game of Cranium. It is good game to play with a large group, but we had too many teams. Bill and Lauren had to leave before the game was finished. It would have been better if we had done only two teams.

That was Saturday. Sunday was much less eventful and I am getting tired of working on this. It has wound up taking me an hour and a half to get this typed. Oh, I am using the new Windows Live Writer to post this to my blog. So far, I like this program. Thanks for the tip, DeWitte!


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