Warning: If you are an “animal rights” type that believes that mice and other such pest should be treated humanely, do not read this story. It will upset you.

On Tuesday Jennifer discovered what everyone loves to find in their kitchen: mouse droppings. Now, I’m not sure any of you know what this means to Jennifer. Jennifer is a borderline germiphobe. So her initial reaction was that she had to throw EVERYTHING in the kitchen away. Of course, that didn’t happen. She was happy with just washing everything. On the way home from work I stopped at Wal-Mart to pickup a mousetrap, aluminum foil, and Lysol. I think the only thing that might need explanation is the foil. Apparently, my wife believes that mice won’t chew through it. We are going to use it to plug the hole they are coming through when we find it.

Around 10 PM that night, we setup 2 mousetraps and went to bed. We were awoken in the middle of the night by a loud noise. Actually, it wasn’t the middle of the night at all. It just felt like it when we first woke up. It was only 11:30 PM. I walked out to the kitchen, and the sound was coming from under the sink where I had placed one of the traps. I slowly opened the cabinet door. I admit that I was a little anxious. I wasn’t afraid the mouse was going to be the rabid, flesh eating variety, but I really didn’t want the thing jumping out at me and then running around the house. I felt that was unlikely since it sounded like the trap was still attached to it. After a few minutes of shining the flashlight around the cabinet and trying to find the mouse, everything quieted down. We kept looking, but we couldn’t find the thing anywhere. We pulled out an old George Foreman grill we had stored under the sink and, to our surprise, dog food fell out. I haven’t grilled dog food since I was in college, so this was particularly odd. The only thing we could think of is that the mouse (or mice) has been taking the dog food from our dog’s bowl and storing it in the grill. Both Jennifer and I agreed that the grill had to go. We threw it away then and there. After removing the grill, the next item was our rotisserie. Jennifer leaned it back and saw the edge of the trap.

“It must have gotten out of the trap,” Jennifer said.
“I don’t think so,” I replied.

I pulled the rotisserie all the way out and there sat the mouse. It was still in the trap, which had caught it by its little arm. It was probably scared to death, and for good reason. Let’s get on thing straight before I finish this story. I don’t believe in abusing pets. I think if you buy a pet and bring it into your home it is your responsibility to take care of it. If it poops on your floor, that is just part of the package; however, any varmint that moves in uninvited is in trouble. Notice I said “moves in” and not “gets in”. We had a chipmunk get in to our house one time and I used a humane trap because I know that it got in by mistake. The chipmunk would die living in our house and all it wanted was to be back outside. I respected that, caught it, and released it. Not the case with this mouse. It had moved in and made itself at home. It stole my dog’s food and pooped in my kitchen.

The mouse was still alive, but not for long. I picked up the trap (with mouse attached) and placed them both in a Ziplock bag. I then went out onto our deck and beat the bag against the rail until the mouse stopped moving. I then put the Ziplock bag into the same garbage bag as the grill and took it to the dumpster. Problem solved. We are still setting up traps, but so far, we haven’t caught anything. Hopefully they saw the fate of their friend and decided to move out.


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  1. WHAT!!!! on

    You are a sick sick man…you just wasted a good meal!!!

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