Time Flies

Good grief. Is it Thursday already? I can’t believe it! Why does time go by so quickly? I seem to have developed this state of mind where my weeks fly by and my weekends actually seem longer than my week. Is that just me or do other people’s lives feel that way?

Jennifer and I are going on a date tomorrow night. We’re just going to go out to eat and then go to a movie, but I’m really excited about it. Don’t know which one we’ll see yet, but it will either be Superman (if it is still out) or Pirates. Having Grace has made me look back on the years Jennifer and I had together, alone, with much more fondness. Don’t get me wrong. I love Grace to death and can’t imagine my life now without her. Still, I’m really glad we had those 5 years to just focus on each other and have fun. What is interesting is that my in-laws are currently going through the other side of this journey. They became empty nesters this past year around the same time we had our first child. Its been sort of funny to listen to the things they do now. It is eerily similar to how Jennifer and I were a few years ago. Now that it is just the two of them, they are rediscovering how much cheaper eating out is when you are only paying for 2. Not to mention how easy it is to just pickup and go when there is no one else around to feed or worry about. By the way, my father-in-law loves it. My mother-in-law would just as soon adopt another kid, but I can tell she is enjoying herself too. Well, it is about that time.


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