Sad Story

I just remembered a sad story. Actually, it was something I saw while we were in Pennsylvania. I was at Wal-Mart because I was going to get a non-resident fishing license so I could go fishing. By the way, they charge $26 dollars for a one-day, non-resident license in PA!!! That is highway robbery! Since we were only going to go fishing for a couple of hours, none of us thought it was worth it, so none of us got a fishing license. Pennsylvania representatives listen up: I can’t IMAGINE how you will make money by robbing tourist with such a high fee. We would have bought 3 licenses that day if they had been a reasonable price. Instead, we bought zero. I’ll leave up to you to figure out if it is better to make some money or NO money; however, I probably overestimate the intelligence of the average politician by expecting them to understand that.

But I digress…

The sad part of the story was that I went to the bathroom as I was leaving Wal-Mart, and as I was walking up I noticed a lady talking to a Wal-Mart employee. She had a baby in her buggy. As I walked by, I heard the Wal-Mart employee say, “Can’t you just take him in with you?” The woman shook her head and walked into the restroom. This lady had asked a Wal-Mart employee to watch her child while she went to the bathroom!!! I couldn’t believe it. I would NEVER do something like that. What did she know about this employee? Woman kidnap children too. Anyway, I really couldn’t believe a parent would be that irresponsible. I wouldn’t care if I was about to soil myself, I would figure out a way to take my child with me instead of trusting her in the hands of a stranger.


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