Weekend with the grandparents

We had a busy weekend so I didn’t have time to post on my blog. We decided to use this weekend to spend some time with our grandparents. We don’t see them as much as we should, and we had the time. First up was Jennifer grandmother. Now, whenever you invite Grandma over, you also get Uncle Jimmy. Uncle Jimmy has cerebral palsy and has always lived with his parents. He is 55 years old. It is sort of a sad situation. I think back in the 50’s when he was born doctors just assumed that people like him would never be normal and would always need someone to take care of them. Jimmy really is much more intelligent then he is given credit for. He wouldn’t win the national spelling bee, but he is certainly capable of taking care of himself if he had been taught to do so. They say he has the intelligence of a 12-year-old boy, but I think that might be a conservative estimate. My father-in-law says he seems more intelligent because he has the life experience of a 55-year-old man, and I guess that makes sense. Regardless, had someone really worked with him, he could probably be married and living on his own now. Maybe even with kids. We don’t fault Jennifer’s grandparents because they did what they were expected to do and no one should feel sorry for him because he’s definitely had a good life.

So anyway, we had Jimmy over with Grandma. Grandma is a character as well. She suffers from dementia. That is sad, but it certainly creates humorous stories. For instance, Jennifer’s brother, Kenny, and his wife, Marry, got a Christmas card this year that was addressed to “Steve and Marry”. Kenny got a kick out of calling and asking Grandma who Steve was. The weird part is Jennifer isn’t aware of any relative with the name of Steve, so no one really knows where she got the name. Usually she just gets names confused. We had another funny incident on Saturday. We have this coffee table that has a table top the lifts up. We used to use it a lot when we lived in a smaller apartment, as we would lift the tabletop and eat at our coffee table. Well, Grace loves playing with the thing and when Grandma walked in the door, Grace had been playing with the table and it was raised. Grandma looked at the table and said, “I didn’t know it did that.” I sort had a Deja vu moment because I was almost certain she had uttered those words before, but I let it go. So, we ate dinner. We had ham, roasted potatoes and carrots and bread. The bread we had were these really good frozen, yeast roles you just pop in the oven. They rock. Well, apparently, Jimmy had 7 of them. You did read that correctly. SEVEN. In all fairness, they aren’t very large, but it was still a lot. Did I mention Jimmy is almost diabetic? I say almost because he has high blood sugar but hasn’t been officially diagnosed with diabetes. Anyway, almost-diabetics shouldn’t be eating 7 yeast rolls. Of course, there wasn’t really anything we could do about it after the fact, so we all just sort of gave him the “bad Jimmy” lecture and went about with our evening.

After dinner, we put Grace on the floor. She went straight over to the coffee table and lifted the table top again. At which point Grandma exclaimed, “I didn’t know it did that!” Poor Grandma.

On Sunday we spent time with my grandmother. We call her Nanny. Nanny had told me a few weeks ago to call and make plans to go out to eat with her. She wanted us to take her to Olive Garden, and I knew what that meant: she was treating. Yeah, I know what you are thinking. Up until now you’ve been thinking I was so sweet to want to spend time with my grandma out of the goodness of my heart. Well, it was done out of the goodness of my heart. Just so happens my kindness was rewarded with Olive Garden. Anyway, living in Martinsville, the closest Olive Garden is an hour away, so we drove down to Greensboro, NC and had a good time. We had the best waiter I’ve seen in a while. She kept my drink full, which is no small feat. Grace was adorable (as always) and said “Hi” to just about every person that walked by. Of course, they just ate it up and we had so many comments about how adorable she is. While I was eating my meal, I kept in mind that Nanny always likes to order dessert, so I made sure I quit eating and saved some room. Jennifer always wants to get the tiramisu. I always want to get something else. I eventually cave and order a tiramisu to share with Jennifer and am always glad we got the tiramisu because I wind up enjoying it so much. Sunday was no different. I am a creature of habit, if nothing else.

So, that’s my weekend. Hope everyone stays cool this week. It’s supposed to be VERY hot in this part of the country.  I’m getting ready to go eat a smooty to help me keep cool.  Later!


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