Pirates, Paint, and…um…Pblogging

Well, I guess the whole idea of posting on here a few times a week is shot. I think I have figured out this blog thing now. I’ve really enjoyed reading some posts on blogs from personal friends of mine. I figure everyone will find my life fascinating. I mean, who doesn’t find the life of a programmer engaging. Programmers are like the new pirates.

So, anyway, baby #2 is on the way and Jennifer has gone into decorating mode. The funny thing is we aren’t decorating a room for the baby, but a new room for Grace. We have to move Grace into another room to make room for the baby and we’ve decided we need to do that sooner rather than later. Partially because we don’t want Grace thinking the new baby kicked her out of her room. The colors have been picked and we are in the process of painting the room pink and green. Honestly, it looks better than it sounds.

Grace is also in the process of learning to say more words. We’re really working with her to try to get her to say stuff, but she seems to have fun with it. She also has a growing addiction for the Wiggles. I asked Jennifer tonight if Grace went to live with the Wiggles if she would miss us. Jennifer assured me she would….eventually…but I have my doubts. I mean, who doesn’t want to drive around in a big red car with a Pirate?

Speaking of Pirates, Jennifer and I need to make plans to go see some movies soon. She wants to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, but I really want to see Superman. I would suggest that we go sit in separate movies, but something tells me that would defeat the purpose.

I had other stuff I was going to post, but I forget what it was. It is probably the heat affecting my brain. Man, has it been hot lately. Our AC has been running non-stop all week. I dread seeing our power bill. Maybe I’ll just send them my kidney now it get it over with. Fortunately, we’ve been selling stuff on Ebay (anyone need a kidney?). It’s going well. We are just selling junk off at the moment, but we have the grand idea of creating this massive Ebay enterprise so I can quit my full-time job. You know, because no one has ever thought of that one before…


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